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We’ve all seen it before, a booth or table filled with hungry people ordering pizza, salads, and appetizers, such as wings, breadsticks and more. What happens when it comes out of the kitchen and there isn’t enough room on the table to hold it all? Now imagine a table that’s clutter free. Leaving space on the table helps to sell additional appetizers and salads that you may not have had room or opportunity to sell.

Papa’s Pizza Pole was originally developed for more of a European pizza atmosphere, which utilizes 24” round tables. In the United States, where the average pizza size ranges between 14” and 18”, smaller tables would not work without something such as the Papa’s Pizza Pole making more space on the table.

In Europe, where the average pizza size is 12” or less, small tables are fine. European pizzerias simply sell a smaller product to work with the tables, limited space and smaller locations, helping them to fill smaller spaces and smaller tables with more people. Now with the Papa’s Pizza Pole you can have a European style layout, allowing more chairs and more tables (or smaller booths) in your restaurant, and still be able to serve your full menu; serving more customers and selling more pizza in the same space even if you keep your larger tables.