Let's face it, profits is putting the most product out, to the most customers why maintaining high quality and comfort. Our Pizza Poles increase comfort and improve product delivery by moving the pies to the Pole where it is safer and reduces table clutter.

The Papa's Pizza Poles will allow you to bring out the pizza orders as soon as they are ready even if there are still appetizers and salads or other menu items on the table. This will create a faster turn over time and give you more control to sell more pizza and other products. Gone are the days of holding pizza orders while your customer enjoys their salads and appetizers. This keeps your customer satisfied and also allows for a faster turn over in your pizza kitchen. Utilizing the Papa’s Pizza Pole will dramatically increase pizza sales.

“The square-foot lease fees have risen so much in destination locations that a 2,000-square-foot pizzeria has to do a massive amount of volume to make the numbers work,” says Mike Pinzone of Papa’s Pizza Pole. “But by being able to incorporate smaller tables, more customers can fit into a smaller space, which in turn can result in larger profits.”

Designed to be user-friendly with a weighted base and a slightly curved shaft, the Pizza Pole will slide to the edge of the eating surface without being in the way of the servers or customers. The unit holds two (2) standard shakers (for Parmesan and crushed red pepper) to further clear the clutter from the main table. The special design will accommodate up to an 18-inch pizza pan and has a one-inch lip to prevent the pizza from sliding off of the top. The sturdy base is 17 inches around and the unit stands 37 inches high with a total weight of just under 18 pounds. The curved pole is easy to carry.